Humble Lake Hike

It’s been a busy summer for us. We’ve just enjoyed a week stay in Detroit and finally got in a little R and R. Among boating on the lake with friends, basking in sunshine and taking in the last slivers of Summer, we enjoyed a beautiful hike into Tumble Lake. 

To get to the trail head, take French Creek Road, just West of the town of Detroit. It’s the first road after crossing the bridge, heading towards Salem from the town. Drive up this road 7.7 miles. The trail head is pretty nondescript with no sign, just a little trail scaling up the side of a hill. It looks fit for a mountain goat. 


The roundtrip is about 4 miles and starts off pretty easy and then starts descending… and descending. 1,100 feet in total. Keep your eyes out for views of the lake throughout the trail. After winding down, you’ll find yourself traversing down a dry creek bed and then down some more. Soon enough, you’ll arrive at the lake. The water was surprisingly warm, and the location completely private and secluded (to us at the time). We took a dip, dried off on a log and then began the assent back up. 


Tumble Lake

Nate led the way and kept a brisk pace that left us huffing and puffing all the way up. But it went fairly quickly and before we knew it, we were back to the car.

This was a fun, semi-quick hike, especially if you’re looking for a little solitude on a quiet lake.  

P.S.! At the time we went, the trail was swimming with huckleberries, so bring your picking fingers and receptacles!

A quick, easy hike: Henline Falls

On a recent trip to Detroit, we decided to venture out for a hike.  It had been a long week and Nate only had his Romeos so we didn’t want to take on anything to adventurous.  We settled on Henline Falls.

Although the drive there probably took longer than the hike itself, it was a pretty drive, down North Fork Road off of Highway 22 (I’ll give more precise directions down below).  We arrived at the trailhead and took off.

Henline Falls Trail

Along the trail to Henline Falls

This hike is a quick three miles and nearly flat the whole way so it would be a great hike to take the little ones on.

Henline Falls

Henline Falls

The Falls is quite impressive and bigger than it appears in this picture.  The falls drops into several, what I would call swimming holes.  Unfortunately, it was an overcast day with a little bit of liquid sunshine so we opted out of any swimming.  On a hot day though, this is where I would want to cool off.

I also heard there is a mine nearby the Falls, but we just stuck to the trail.

Directions to Henline Falls:

Coming from Salem on Hwy 22:  Turn left onto North Fork Road.  This intersection is located where that little Swiss Village Restaurant is at. Head about 17 miles down this road and then take a left when you see signs for Henline Falls and Jawbone Flats.  This is FR #2209.  After about a 1/4 mile you will see the little parking turnout and kiosk where the trailhead is at.

Coming From Detroit:  We actually took a shortcut so we didn’t have to drive all the way back to where North Fork Road meets Hwy 22.  We drove to Gates, Oregon, turned right onto Gates Hill Rd which turns into Gates Hill Rd SE and then eventually runs into North Fork Road where you’ll take a right and head just under 5 miles to NF #2209.  Follow this road until you see signs for Henline Falls and Jawbone Flats.   Enjoy the scenery!

In Honor of the 30th Annual Detroit Lake Fishing Derby: My favorite songs about fishing!

A few weeks ago, I posted one of my favorite fishing songs, 5 pound bass by Robert Earle Keen in a blog post.  With this weekend’s upcoming 30th Annual Fishing Derby at Detroit Lake, I thought I’d make a roundup of all my favorite fishing songs!

Starting with my very favorite,

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Fishin’ in the dark

A song with a whistling tune,

One about someone who likes to fish a little too much,

A girl who likes to “fish”

Here’s a song with some good fishing tips,

A sweet song about a dad and his daughter just fishin,

A song about a line and a pole,

And lastly, I’ll finish with a stupid fishing song, good for a chuckle. *You’ll have to be familiar with Carrie Underwood’s song for this to be remotely funny.

Good luck to all you fishermen, fisherwomen, and fisherkids out there!  What’s your favorite fishing song?


April Showers Bring Edible Flowers!

It’s April in Oregon.  We’ve drudged through months of gray skies, cold and rain.  We are all ready for Summer, but we have only reached April and we all know what April brings…showers.  But we also know that April showers bring May flowers!  Does that make your mouth water?  Well it should.  In addition to being beautiful eye candy, many flowers are also edible.

That’s right.  Flowers can be excellent culinary ingredients.  They are always great in salads.  Use them as a garnish or to add spice to a dish.  Add a few flowers in your ice cube tray  or use a fresh sprig for a stir stick and you have a very presentable glass of water.  Flowers in their peak have the most flavor with the most desirable qualities.  Just make sure you are certain they are what you think they are and make sure they haven’t been sprayed with herbicides.  Some of my favorites include:




Herb blossoms such as rosemary or lavender


Wild mustard flowers

Elderberry Blossom

Oregon Grape blossom


The leaves and roots of many of these listed also have great medicinal and healing properties too.  Here is a roundup of some good links if you’re interested in finding out more information.  Be adventurous but eat at your own risk!

A good list of edibles that can be found in Oregon:

Some fun recipes and basic rules when it comes to edible flowers:

An article from the Oregon WinePress telling how executive chef for JORY Restaurant at The Allison in Newberg incorporates edible flowers–1314912270–865–features

An overview of edible landscaping brought to you by the fine folks at the Oregon State University Extension Service:

Five Pound Bass

And speaking of fishing…

Detroit Lake Fishing Derby – Reel in the Fun!

fishing derby

Don’t miss this year’s fishing derby at Detroit Lake! Need accommodations? We can help!

Tour the Detroit Lake Lodge on Video

Want to take a tour of the Detroit Lake Lodge?  Come along!


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